This is Rooney’s tricks to romance with sex workers!

The story of the England national legend’s affair, Wayne Rooney with Helen Wood continues to present a big question mark. For football lovers who are curious about the scandal, we can be sure that in the near future this will be fully answered.

This status can be proven by news that Helen will release a personal biography. In the book, Helen Wood also told about her affair with Rooney while still in uniform in Manchester United.

Helen’s story is to leak Rooney’s tricks in attracting the attention of commercial sex workers and down to his private home in the city of Manchester. One by one wide open, another confession came from Jenny Thompson, one of Helen’s friends as well as Rooney’s affair, who also claimed to have been invited to his house and immediately made love.

This story begins when Jenny was introduced by Coleen, the wife of Rooney, who is assigned as a new household assistant. Rooney here tries to provide information that Jenny will clean the house to help Coleen who is pregnant in 2009.

“Rooney went right with Jenny, who used to pretend to be a house cleaner. Other girls also like that when going to the home of a soccer player, “Helen wrote in her book.

Helen fearlessly uncovers all the ugliness of Rooney, where she says the player likes to visit massage parlors and bring out a prostitute to Lowry Hotel, Manchester. Rooney here is said not to care about the condition of his wife who is five months pregnant, and her third child, Kai, who is now nine years old.

Interestingly here, when Rooney done with a prostitute, Helen said that the player looked very sorry. Here, Helen wants to emphasize that Rooney often lamented his actions which betrayed Coleen.

“Instantly daydream after having sex. When I was wearing underwear, I asked him if he was okay. He answered ‘Yes, but why did I do this? ‘, Continued Helen.

“Rooney is honest by saying his wife is pregnant, and I said: ‘I have a son, but I will not destroy Rooney’s life for an escape’,”

This regret can be said only briefly, starting one week later, Rooney very courageously contacted Helen or another prostitute by simply asking to satisfy his lust.

“It’s true that Rooney’s regret didn’t last long. A week later, he was in Europe and texted me and Jenny Thompson to make love, “wrote Hellen in her book.

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