This is how Nissa Sabyan and Ayus’ affair was exposed to public

Ayus Sabyan’s younger sister, Fadhila Nova, opened up how the beginning of the affair between her brother and Nissa Sabyan was discovered by her sister-in-law, Ririe Fairuz.

As is known, since yesterday Warganet was shocked by uploading a Gossip account on Instagram, which showed that Ririe Fairuz filed a divorce suit against her husband, namely Ayus Sabyan, a founder of Sabyan Gambus.

Actually, what was horrendous was not the divorce case, but the reason why Ririe Fairuz sued her husband for divorce. Well, after being investigated it turned out that there was a third person present in their household.

Even more surprising, the third person was Nissa Sabyan, the vocalist of Sabyan Gambus.

Yes, Nissa Sabyan is rumored to have a special relationship with Ayus Sabyan, even Ayus’s own sister, Fadhila Nova, said that they have been dating since 2019.

Ironically, Fadhila Nova revealed that her sister-in-law, Ririe Fairuz, had caught their affair, because Ayus forgot to delete ‘intimate chats’ with Nissa Sabyan.

“So around July 2019, if I’m not mistaken, it was the first time Erie (Ririe Fairus, Ayus’s wife) found out about their affair (Nissa and Ayus) through a chat from my own brother. My brother forgot to delete the chat, so he left traces on it,” revealed Fadhila Nova when interviewed by Fenny Rose in a television program via telephone.

At that time, Erie immediately confirmed it to Ayus and Nissa Sabyan, it was true that they acknowledged the forbidden act and then apologized and was simply forgiven by Erie.

It’s just that, at that time none of the family knew about it, because Ririe Fairuz chose to keep it herself until she finally dared to tell Fadhila.

“Kak Erie immediately asked Aa Ayus and Nissa (the affair). They both apologized, and also admitted they had a long relationship,”

“To be precise, I do not know that they have had their relationship since when, but it has been discovered since 2019. At first, Erie kept it by herself, tried to solve the problem by herself, finally Ms. Erie told me,” continued Fadhila Nova, Ayus’ sister.

Unfortunately, that apology was not the end of everything, Ayus and Nissa were still dating until finally Ririe Fairuz decided to sue her husband for divorce.

However, until now there has been no clarification from Nissa Sabyan, as well as from Sabyan Gambus who chose to remain silent.

Penulis: | 19 Februari 2021 | blog