This is how Alves hated Mourinho’s Real Madrid

Former Barcelona defender Dani Alves is apparently still harboring hatred of Real Madrid directed by Jose Mourinho a few years ago.

Dani Alves is known as a player who does not hesitate to get involved in conflicts with lawn players. He is an expressive figure and does not hesitate to cast sharp criticism to the opponent, even though to his coach.

While he was still actively defending Barcelona, ​​Dani Alves had indeed been involved in fierce rivalry between the Catalan giants and Real Madrid. Both of them were involved in the rivalry of El Clasico, who had been around the world for a long time.

Rivalry is not only a matter of competition to be the best, but also a matter of prestige. Dani Alves regards Real Madrid as a nuisance team, who knows whoever sits in the coach’s chair.

“Whether it’s Zidane, Mourinho, Ancelotti, or Benitez who coached … Real Madrid will always be there to mess things up,” Alves told Marca.

It’s just that, the Brazilian player seemed to hate the figure of the manager from Portugal, Jose Mourinho, who indeed had coached Los Blancos.

“My relationship with Mourinho is not good, but it is not my fault. Also, he is not the inventor of football, “he added.

The reason was because Dani Alves felt that Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho era style of play tended to be dirty. They did everything they could to defeat Barcelona at that time.

“It seems that what is considered important is only what he has achieved. He is really jealous. He’s a great coach because he handles a great team, that’s all.”

“He won a lot of trophies, just like me and many other Barcelona players. Mourinho’s Madrid cannot accept defeat, they play dirty, “he said.

Jose Mourinho has indeed handled Real Madrid, precisely after delivering Inter Milan won the treble winner in 2010. It’s just that, his period at the La Liga club lasted briefly, until 2013.

For three years, Mourinho did not succeed in presenting many achievements, instead there were many problems. Starting from disputes with players, heating up the club locker room, until the defeat 0-5 to Barcelona.

Meanwhile, in terms of championship titles, only three championships were offered by Mourinho for three years in charge of Real Madrid.

Penulis: | 20 April 2020 | blog