This beautiful tennis player retires early to join modelling

The tennis player who had shaken the world of the god-level sport with the beauty and sexiness of her body, Eugenie Bouchard or familiarly called Genie Bouchard, dared to make a decision to take a break from the world of tennis until an indefinite time.

Genie Bouchard, 25 years has her own reasons for leaving the world that raised her name. The reason was because she wanted to restore the condition that had declined, because she wanted to make sure her conditions 100% well-recovered.

This horrendous moment has actually been discovered in the wider world, where Genie Bouchard surprisingly left the members as the WTA Tour in Monterrey Mexico and Bogota in Colombia. This quick decision was mentioned because of her failure in the qualifying event at the Miami Open last March.

When speaking of statistics, Genie Bouchard’s appearance on the pitch looks to continue to decline since 2018 after the quarter-finals at the Auckland Open. Everyone can read, and in the end all predictions are true.

Genie Bouchard added that if she wanted to live a healthier life, for that she chose to go back to her family’s home. Before that, Genie Bouchard had struggled to restore the rankings to 76 after slumping to 194 in June 2018.

Strangeness also appeared, many suspect that Genie Bouchard was attacked by a mysterious disease, but she also allegedly wanted full concentration in the world of modelling so that she left tennis. As for the suspicion of going into the world of models, it is seen because of the action that often shares photos of the section on her Instagram account.

“Finally in my 25th, on the 25th. My golden year. Bad things should happen,” wrote Genie Bouchard on her personal Instagram account as a sign of a setback from the world of tennis.

Speaking of the actions of Genie Bouchard in the world of tennis, her name has been famous since the age of 20 years. Precisely in the 2014 season, where Genie Bouchard had penetrated to the Australian semi-finals and the Paris Open and then also the Wilmbledon final.

That brilliant performance seemed inconsistent and tended to continue to decline, as a result she failed in the June 2018 tournament and dropped to rank 200. So far no one can confirm Genie Bouchard’s next career, but the modelling world is considered a career that can lift her name again.

Penulis: | 12 April 2019 | blog, wags