This beautiful artist refused to buy surgical mask at higher price

In Indonesia, surgical mask has become a rare item, its price has now jumped to the limit. Responding to this, the beautiful artist Adhisty Zara claimed to be reluctant to buy it.

Keep in mind, the Coronavirus, which has been endemic for the past three months, has indeed arrived in Indonesia. There are at least two people in Depok, who are known have tested positive with the virus.

Along with the news, the people then flocked to buy masks as a precaution. As a result, high demand cannot be matched by production that is still standard.

No doubt, the mask is now a rare item in Indonesia. Along with the scarcity, the price of masks soared.

If normally the price of 50 pcs per box is IDR 25,000, now the price has reached IDR 350,000 per box with the same amount of contents! This phenomenon then provoked many parties to comment, including Adhisty Zara.

The beautiful 16-year-old artist admitted she was reluctant to buy masks at such high prices. Zara said she was surprised by the increase in the price of masks, whether it was the policy of the distributor or someone who deliberately raised the price, in order to reap profits.

“If I were not going to buy that price. Because in my opinion, is everything really money? I’m confused the person selling it, how much or maybe the price went up from there. But there will still be people who sell at reasonable prices, “said Zara when met in the Duren Tiga area, South Jakarta.

Zara admitted that not only was the mask hard to find since the Coronavirus outbreak, included hand sanitizer.

The ex-JKT48 personnel felt they were not quick enough (fast moving) with other communities in getting supplies of the two goods.

“Because I know that looking for a mask is really hard, hand sanitizer is really hard. Like everyone knew the corona virus news arrived in Indonesia, everyone was getting ready, on standby, in droves. Like that maybe we are not as eager as them, so we missed the search for masks,” she continued.

The use of masks themselves is actually not right for those who are healthy, but those who are sick.

Penulis: | 5 Maret 2020 | blog