This beautiful actress reports a rape threat to the police

The figure of Syifa Hadju is of course familiar to our ears. She is a beautiful actress, who has played in several feature films and soap operas in the country. Although she was only 19 years old and was rarely involved in controversy, who would have thought Rizky Nazar’s lover would receive the threat of rape.

Yes, the Mermaid in Love soap opera player recently visited the Tangerang District Police to report the threat of rape that she got from social media. Syifa, accompanied by her legal counsel, Sandy Arifin, when going to report to the authorities.

“Today we want to report the alleged crime of the ITE Law in which our client, our sister, Ms. Syifa was threatened and terrorized for kidnapping and there is also something more than that,” Sandy Arifin said through the KH Infotainment video uploaded on Friday, 28 February 2020.

Actually, social media like Instagram is used as media by artists, to stay connected to their fans. Just to share news and their daily activities. But not a few who abuse the media as did the threatening Syifa Hadju.

Speaking to the media crew, Syifa admitted that she had actually long ago received the threat, even since a few months ago. Only, concerned initially ignored the threat.

Syifa even had time to block these users, but the same user appeared with a new account and spread the same threat again. Syifa only felt embarrassed and dared to report to the authorities after the people around her also received the same threat.

“The threat is through DM Instagram, actually I’ve been terrorizing it for a long time, but I take it for granted, just the longer the threat gets worse. Not only to me only, but also to my mother, my assistant, the people around me, even to the contact person on my Instagram profile, I was contacted by him,” said Syifa Hadju.

Syifa herself also claimed to have worried when going out of the house, because of the threat sent by the person or person. Of course, the police will reveal who the threat is to avoid undesirable actions.

Penulis: | 28 Februari 2020 | blog