Third PCR test result is negative, Rossi ready to compete at Valencia GP

The Monster Energy Yamaha Team can breathe a sigh of relief regarding the condition of their rider, Valentino Rossi. After going through three PCR tests, The Doctor can only be sure that he is free from the Corona Virus so he can appear at the Valencia GP tomorrow.

As is known, the Rider from Italy is known to have contracted the Corona Virus since the end of last October. As a result, the person concerned has to go through a ten-day self-quarantine period, and is absent from the Teruel GP.

After 10 days passed, Rossi underwent a PCR test but the results were still positive, thus he could not participate in the European GP which took place last weekend.

Rossi himself, of course, felt disappointed with the test results, because then he had passed two races this season. Moreover, considering that the Italian Rider failed to finish in three races in the 2020 season.

Thus, the chance to become the 10th world champion in the 2020 season has been buried for Rossi.

Yamaha itself was pessimistic about the chance for The Doctor to appear in the Valencia GP series tomorrow. The reason is, the first PCR test which was held earlier this week showed that Rossi was still positive for Covid-19 but at a very low level.

A day later, the former Ducati racer returned to the PCR test and still left for Valencia with high hopes that the test result was negative.

Sure enough, the results of the second PCR test were negative, but before the race Rossi went back through the third PCR test as did the other paddocks doing the same thing.

In the third PCR test, Rossi was completely negative for Covid-19, thus, he could also appear in the Valencia GP series which is planned to be held at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Valencia this weekend.

Rossi himself admitted that he was very happy with the results of the PCR test, because then he could race again as usual.

“I’m happy to be here, and it’s good because I can have a normal racing week, work from Thursday and ride on Friday,” said Rossi.

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