Thibaut Courtois has a new crush!

Thibaut Courtois seems to be used to moving on from his love story. Where the most expensive Real Madrid goalkeeper already has a new crush named Alba Carrillo. This news leaked when both of them were caught on camera doing a date at a Spanish most expensive restaurant.

It became clearer when both of them were seen holding hands when the way out of the restaurant. Both Thibaut Courtois and Alba were still shy about expressing their feelings, and they seemed to be more focused in their respective professions.

“Right now we are still friends and know each other,” Alba replied.

Both Courtois and Alba are known to be single, both of them have just broken up. Courtois himself had a love affair with Marta Dominguez, having two children, Adriana and Nicolas since the relationship started 2017.

Unlike Courtois, Alba prefers to divorce from a tennis player, Feliciano Lopez in 2017 after being married for three years. Before knowing Courtois, this TV presenter ever had a close relationship with a MotoGP, rider Fonsi Nieto.

The reason for parting with Marta was quite surprising to many parties, because Courtois decided to move to Real Madrid based on the reason he wanted to be closer to his small family. For this reason, Courtois was reluctant to extend his contract with Chelsea and officially landed in Spain.

But who would have thought that the reason was absurd because Marta and Courtois were officially separated. Long enough, Courtois was also reportedly having a close relationship with sexy women named Jeny Sanchez and Emily Vanhoutte, who claimed to have spent one night with the former Chelsea player.


Penulis: | 28 Februari 2019 | wags