Thiago admits crying by being allowed to join Liverpool

Thiago Alcantara’s transfer to Liverpool finally materialized last weekend. It seems that the agreement not only makes Liverpool fans happy, but the player is also excited about this move.

In fact, Thiago Alcantara is one of Bayern Munich’s mainstay players since he was signed from Barcelona seven years ago.

It is clear that German clubs are reluctant to lose Spanish players, but last season’s Champions League winners did not prevent Thiago from leaving.

After a fairly tough negotiation process, Liverpool finally reached an agreement with Bayern for the transfer of the player since last weekend.

Bayern had already anticipated Thiago’s departure, even the club continued to praise the former Barcelona player.

Now that everything is over CEO Karl Heinz Rummenigge has spoken about Thiago’s attitude when the player found out that the club allowed him to leave.

After a while after his move to Liverpool was completed, Thiago burst into tears.

“Last Thursday, the transfer to Liverpool was cleared up. When I arrived, about 10 minutes later, in the car park, he was standing in my usual parking spot.”

“I thought: ‘What is he doing here?’ He came up to me and cried in my arm for five minutes then said: ‘Thank you so much for allowing this’. ” Rummenigge told Sky Sports.

Yes, even though they had to give up the Spanish midfielder’s departure, Rummenigge could not deny the fact that the club will really miss the player.

Apart from that, Rummenigge admits that he is happy with this transfer because according to him, Thiago deserves a new challenge after 7 years of service at Bayern Munich.

“He is a great figure and has always been a class player for Bayern Munich. I am very happy for his performance in Lisbon. He is always in doubt because he is considered unable to give his best performance in big matches, but in those three games in Lisbon he proved his quality.”

“His departure is clearly a big loss for us regarding quality, as well as humans. Even so, we appreciate his desire to try new things,” continued Rummenigge.

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