These foods must be avoided if you have heart diseases

Heart disease is proven to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world, it can be caused by several things including obesity. If you have heart disease, or have similar symptoms, it’s better to avoid consuming the following foods and drinks.

1. Sugar

Most consume sweet foods or contain sugar in fact can make blood sugar levels increase and even excess. This triggers a variety of diseases such as Diabetics, Obesity, and others that are categorized as an unhealthy heart trigger disease.

2. Fast Food

Fast food such as french fries in restaurants, or fried chicken, burgers and pizza are examples of unhealthy foods if consumed too often. Because the fat and salt content in these foods is very high, can trigger disease and threaten heart disease.

3. Margarine

Just like fast food, margarine also contains high fat, so you should avoid or reduce cooking food using margarine.

4. Processed Meat

Processed meats such as sausages and bacon are indeed very easily processed into delicious dishes, delicious served as side dishes when eating rice. But make no mistake, foods derived from processed meat are also not good for our hearts. This is because the salt content in processed meat is high.

5. Instant Noodles

Although tasty and quickly served, frequent eating instant noodles will increase the risk of metabolic changes due to high sodium content, saturated fat, and glycemic load. People who suffer from metabolic syndrome tend to have high blood pressure and are at risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

6. Soda

Soda is a delicious drink, especially consumed during hot weather, or as a friend when watching shows and favorite movies. But keep in mind, soda contains high calories, and chemicals in it also make the body weight tends to increase faster.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol is a type of drink that high blood pressure sufferers should avoid. Although the body is normal and triglyceride levels are not high, consuming large amounts of alcohol can increase blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and gain weight.

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