These figures also had tested positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus outbreaks are increasingly alarming. The spread continues, along with the fact that no vaccine has been found by medical experts for this one outbreak.

As a result, several countries around the world have been affected by this COVID-19 Virus. Of course, Corona will not be indiscriminate. Even though, they have taken preventative measures, the following figures have been confirmed to be positively infected by Coronavirus. Who are they?

1. Tom Hanks

Who doesn’t know Tom Hanks? He is a famous Hollywood actor who has played many feature films. Call it Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, and many more. Sadly, Tom Hanks was also confirmed to have contracted the Corona Outbreak.

This was revealed directly by the actor through his social media account.

“Hello friends. Rita and I are in Australia. We feel a little tired, like a cold, and some areas of the body hurt. Rita experienced the cold coming and going. Mild fever too. To find out more, as is needed in the world today, we conducted a Coronavirus test, and it turned out positive, “Hanks wrote.

2. British Minister of Health

England is a country that is very intensively taking precautions against this Corona Virus. But ironically, those infected in the country are Nadine Dorries. He was the British health minister, and became the first major British figure to be infected.

The Minister of Health then immediately asked the authorities to trace anyone who had been in contact with him lately.

3. French Minister of Culture

Maybe the name Franck Riester sounded unfamiliar to the ear. He is the Minister of Culture of France, and has recently been confirmed positive for Corona Virus. Now, Riester is at his residence in Paris to undergo quarantine.

4. Juventus player

While the first top European footballer who contracted the Coronavirus is Daniele Rugani. He is an Italian Serie A club defender, Juventus. In fact, the Juventus themselves who confirmed the news.

Through his official Facebook account, Daniele Rugani confirmed that he is in good condition and will continue to follow government policies.

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