These 3 Hollywood stars suffered by immerse themselves too deep in movie roles

The success of a big screen film can occur due to several factors, not only in terms of an interesting story or fantastic visual effects, but also how the actors and actresses play their roles in the film.

Yes, the psyche of an actor and actress in carrying out the role in the film they play greatly affects the final result of the film itself.

Of course, they are Hollywood stars who have been trained and experienced, struggling to immerse themselves in their respective roles. In fact, there are some of them who suffer, because they are too immersed in this role. Anyone?

1. Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant

This famous actor has indeed played a variety of quality and praiseworthy feature films, but not even once he has won an Oscar.

Until finally, Revenant Film brought Leonardo Dicaprio to win his first Oscar. In this survival genre film, the director forces Leonardo to do various things, including soaking in cold water with a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, sleeping in the belly of a horse carcass and much more.

2. Anne Hathaway – Les Miserable

Anne Hathaway won her first Oscar after playing the role of Fentine in the film Les Miserable. In the film, it is told that Fentine is a former factory worker who works as a prostitute.

Anne herself was willing to have her hair shaved off, and was willing to lose so much weight that she looked like she was malnourished. Mentally, this film really affected him, even it took weeks for him to recover mentally.

3. Heath Ledger – Batman: The Dark Night

This one person not only suffered physically and mentally to play the film “Batman The Dark Night”, but also lost his own life.

To play the Joker as Villain in the film, Heath Ledger locked himself up for a month in his room to study the real Joker. However, the psychopathic attitude which is full of mind burden remains behind even though the shooting process has ended.

Heath Ledger was later found dead in his room of a heart attack as a result of taking sedative pills. Not surprisingly, many agree that Heath Ledger is the best Joker actor of all time.

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