There probably won’t be the third Deadpool sequel

Deadpool is not an ordinary superhero, even the two big screen films about anti-mainstream super heroes carry the R rating aka R-Rated. Even so, the two films are fairly successful by making a profit of 22 Trillion Rupiah worldwide.

The first sequel was released in 2016 and produced 782.6 Million Dollars globally, while the second sequel was released in 2018 with yielding 785.7 million Dollars.

In other words, Deadpool, which has a different character than superheroes, mostly attracts enthusiasts of the fictional genre. Of course, they will be waiting for the third sequel that might be the last series of the big screen film Deadpool.

It’s just that, as reported by Collider, Rob Field as the Comicus felt unsure of the last sequel. He is not sure of the current world situation and the pandemic period that never ends.

But despite this fact, he was quite proud to see the achievements of the two previous sequels.

“Do you know? Maybe there will be no more (movies) Deadpool and I accept that. Because I’m aware of the fact that I’ve made two amazing films, two films that I’m very proud of, I really like getting to know everyone in the film, “Liefeld said.

Furthermore, Liefeld revealed that for the next five years there were no plans for the making of the third sequel from Deadpool. So it’s natural if he feels pessimistic about the last series of hilarious superheroes on this one.

“Until the film (finally) is included in the schedule, (the film) is not taken seriously. Even he (Deadpool 3) is not in the plan for the next 5 years in my opinion, “he told Variety.

In the second series Deadpool, which also presented a new character called ‘Cable’, played by Josh Brolin, increased public attention. Because at the same time, the actor also played the role of Thanos in the films Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame.

Rob Field himself even said that Cable deserves to have its own film.

“Cable must have his own film. He can so exist alone in Deadpool. Years will come for him, “concluded Liefeld.

Penulis: | 22 Juli 2020 | blog