There are 625,348 conversations on social media were talking about Liverpool vs Barca

The Champions League really can be a mecca of the many news sources. Recently the survey institute confirmed that almost half of the conversation about Barcelona on social media did not originate from Spanish soil. The 18-month survey has focused on social media platforms that are currently hot.

The case study was implemented by 13 researchers using 770 words of related semantic analysis, 516 of which referred to the ecosystem in Barcelona, in 439 digital media in five languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, Portuguese, with a total of 14,000 hours of research.

The highest point of conversation on social media in the 18 months that occurred on May 7, 2019 was the Spanish time which coincided with the moment when Liverpool destroyed Barcelona’s dream of winning at Anfield. The survey proved that there were 625,348 conversations counted on that night, passing a record of 497,778 conversations when Barcelona officially brought Philippe Coutinho, 6 January 2018 ago.

The third rank presents 346,128 conversations when Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-0, December 23, 2017 and that means victory over the eternal rival is not as exciting as the destruction of Barcelona defeated by Liverpool’s comeback.

Following the defeat of Liverpool, and all were born from the disappointment of Barcelona fans. In total there are more than 12 million users involved in the conversation about Barcelona that night. Interestingly here is when the conversation mostly presents French, English, Portuguese or Arabic.

Statistics from four followers of Barcelona’s official account using Arabic. Almost half of the total 100 percent. This survey emphasizes the big names of Barcelona in the eyes of the world, and that means they are one team that has the largest number of fans.

A club with a big name of course must be filled with great achievements, and maybe that’s why Barca were beaten by Liverpool to bring a lot of polemics from all football lovers in the world. Apart from that note, Barcelona certainly did not end the season empty-handed.

They managed to emerge as champions of the 2018-2019 La Liga and recorded twice in a row by surpassing Real Madrid. The title achievement should be very special, but in fact it ended with an ordinary taste for the Barcelona fans.

The situation was further clarified by evidence when Barcelona were eliminated from the Champions League. The survey has proven with many births of disappointment that are so great and profound from the hopes of fans who want to see Barcelona again lifting the European Big Cup Cup.

Teams full of starry aura will not always present positive value at the end of the season. Barcelona won La Liga, but the pressure still came with fans wanting a treble winner. Barcelona managed to excel from Real Madrid, but still fans are not satisfied.

Now everything still flows as usual with fans as the spearhead of all pressures. Barcelona predict that they will get stronger with the arrival of new players, and news now still claim they are ready to hijack Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid, as a request from Lionel Messi.

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