Theo Walcott set target to bring Everton in the top 4 Premier League final

Everton’s new midfielder, Theo Walcott, carries a high target along with his new club, although on paper it is very difficult to compete with the 5 Premier League giants this season. Unmitigated, the former Arsenal player, determined to bring Everton to secure a place in the top four of the final standings.

As is known, Theo Walcott has indeed officially left Arsenal after the last few years did not match the expectations of the England National Team players. In the transfer market last summer, the Southampton academy coach chose to leave, and joined one of the Premier League mid-table teams, Everton.

Of course, leaving Arsenal and joining Everton is considered a setback, because of the achievements of both teams. But that fact does not necessarily make Walcott feel pessimistic, he even claimed to want to deliver the Toffees to secure a place in the top four of the Premier League final standings this season. According to him, Everton are not left far behind a row of Premier League giants who compete in the top flight at this time.

“Personally I hope we can make it top 4. Really. I did set the target as high as possible, I am a positive person and sure the team is on the right track. Of course you are also demanded to be realistic and the big four feels a little out of reach, but the big six can be achieved. We have to change the draws to victory, as easy as that. Everton are not far behind. I think you can fairly judge us when all players are in good shape,” said him on EvertonTV.

Yerry Mina and Andre Gomes are still struggling with injuries, and the same fate comes to Phil Jagielka and James McCarthy. But Mina, Gomes and McCarthy are predicted to play Crystal Palace at Goodison Park on October 21.

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