The Tag Of War For The World Cup Title Between France And Australia

The first match scheduled on the group C of the FIFA world cup 2018 is between France and Australia. This long awaited game is calendared to be on 16th June 2018. It will be played in Kazan stadium where the spectators are expected to sit at the edge of their seats to watch the match.

Being considered giants of football, France should not lose their first match in the race. It is presumed that Australia is less likely to win and should work tirelessly to earn the victory. Furthermore, history shows France emerging more victorious in their previous games.

Looking closely at the team’s squad selections, the two teams have strong and excellent superstars who have unique strength and quality skills. These include Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, Layvin Kurzawa, Samuel Umtiti – a Barcelona defender, Rafael Varane of PSG, Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi, Manchester United Midfielder Paul Pogba, Chelsea’s midfielder N’Golo Kante, Atletico Madrid’s forward antoine Griezeman, Kylan Mbappe of PSG and the king of header Olivier Giroud are on the spotlight during the entire game.

On the Australian desk, goalkeeper Mat Ryan of Brighton in defense, Matt Jurman, Trait Sainbury, Aziz Behich, Milos Degenek, for the midfield position include Josh Brilliante of Sydney FC, Jackson Arvine, and the forwards include Jamie Maclaren, Andrew Nabout and Daniel Arzani of Melbourne city.

Research indicates that the two teams are great in terms of preparation and skills hence each have to sweat out for the lip-smacking trophy ahead. Comparing the two teams, various predictions have been made whereby most predictions indicate that France is on a forward foot of winning the game against Australia. However, the Australian team is seen to be doing intense training and preparations hence they also have a slight chance.

The fact that France is among the best teams in the world with excellent players known, Australia as a team is kept on toes. France might be looking at the Australian team as a walk in the park of Kazan but Australia too has a capacity to take their rivals down. Australian team has a defensive line guided by Raphael Varane and captain Hugo Lloris however, France possess one of the best goalkeepers of the world.

France being ranked position 7 whereas Australia ranked position 40 indicates that the Australian team has some homework to do and use all tactics to overcome France as a challenge on their path.

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