The Star Wars movie meant very special to Matuidi and his wife

A film sometimes becomes an attraction for someone to express his heart, including what has been felt by Blaise Matuidi’s wife, Isabelle. Before marriage, these two partners have spread love to each other in their teens.

The love story of both trips also attracted a lot of public interest. Do not want to cover, Isabelle did not hesitate to share, and the most memorable according to him was when Matuidi proposed to her. The unique story also happened in an unusual style, Matuidi threw a proposal to Isabelle with the technique of pretending to invite Isabelle to watch Star Wars.

Isabelle continued and still very much remembered that unique moment occurred in February 2016 at Grand Rex to watch the Star Wars movie. Arriving at the location, instead of watching the usual trailer, instead Isabelle saw a small film, montage of our family photos, which ended with a request to get married from the figure of Matuidi.

The application process was completed, and could not help feeling happy until Isabelle finally did not focus on watching the Star Wars movie. With disbelief in tears, Isabelle claimed to be very happy and fortunate to be able to get a husband like Matuidi.

Unlike other famous footballers, Matuidi was more interested in Isabelle, who by chance was an osteopath. Where the profession concerns medical problems that deal with medical disorders by massage or manipulation of bones, joints, and muscles.

Officially married in 2016 and now in 2019, Isabelle and Matuidi already have three children named Myliane, Naelle and Eden. Speaking of Matuidi’s career, what was heard was his success in helping the French national team win the 2018 World Cup, to help Juventus maintain its status as an Italian champion.

Now the burden of Matuidi is very heavy, at the age of no longer young, 31 years old. He was required to be able to help Juventus become Champions League champions along with Cristiano Ronaldo as a new star.

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