The ‘Sobat Ambyar’ movie will be released after Covid-19 pandemic

The Godfather of Broken Heart, Didi Kempot has breathed his last breath on Tuesday (05/05). The death of such an iconic figure also left a deep sorrow, especially in the hearts of his fans known as ‘Sobat Ambyar’.

Moreover, Didi Kempot was involved in the process of working on ‘Sobat Ambyar’, a movie which tells the life journey of the Maestro. In the film, Didi Kempot is not only involved as an actor, but also as an executive producer.

Charles Gozali as one of the directors of the movie explained that this movie has entered the final finishing stage. According to him, this is the last memento from the Legend for connoisseurs by Didi Kempot.

“Yes, maybe this is a memento from Mas Didi for many people, for the people of Indonesia, especially lovers of Mas Didi’s songs and art that might be deposited through us. So our task is to solve it as well as possible, “Gozali told Detikcom.

Of course, fans of Didi Kempot were very enthusiastic waiting for the film Sobat Ambyar. Moreover, the title of the film was also inspired by the title for the fans of the song ‘Show off Bojo’.

However, Gozali explained that this film could not be released in the near future. There is still a final process that has not been completed. However, it is very likely that this film will be released to the cinema once the Corona Virus pandemic ends.

“After the cinema has opened again, I have already talked to the cinema regarding rescheduling.”

“We try to do our best to then invite all those who miss and want to commemorate or appreciate Mas Didi for being able to attend to see a work done with the deceased,” he said.

Some actors who are quite familiar will take part in the ‘Sobat Ambyar’ movie, such as Bhisma Mulia, Denira Wiraguna, Asri Welas, Sisca JKT48 and the late Didi Kempot himself. The movie was also made by two directors, besides Charles Gozali, there was Bagus Bramanti.

It’s just that, when the coronavirus pandemic ends there is still no clarity. All also depends on the role of the community in helping to break the chain of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Penulis: | 7 Mei 2020 | blog