The reasons why Werner and Havertz not in their best performance, according to Tammy Abraham

One of Chelsea’s mainstay strikers, Tammy Abraham knows exactly what potential the two new Blues recruits, Kay Havertz and Timo Werner have. He also revealed the reason why the two of them were unable to bring out their best.

The two young German players were bought by Chelsea in the transfer market last summer with a fairly high dowry. The hope is that Havertz and Werner can become the new stars of Frank Lampard’s squad.

But what is seen on the field is just the opposite, both Timo Werner and Kay Havertz have not shown their maximum performance. The brand still seems to have difficulty adapting to the Premier League which is certainly more competitive than the German Bundesliga.

Meanwhile, on the one hand, Chelsea cannot wait for the adaptation of players for too long, considering that the club is competing to occupy the top of the standings.

In comparison, Timo Werner looks a little better than Havertz, but overall they haven’t lived up to expectations. Tammy Abraham admitted that he really understood this condition, that Chelsea fans were still not satisfied.

But once again, the young England striker asked the fans to understand that right now both players are still adapting, and so are the teams that are adjusting to them.

“We don’t have much time to train together and to learn how each other plays, so right now we just face it day by day,”

“In every game, we learn new things about each other. I started to understand them more and they started to understand me more.” said Abraham at

In contrast to the two expensive recruits, Tammy Abraham actually appeared classy this season by scoring eight goals in all competitions and became Chelsea’s top scorer.

“I dreamed of this as a child and I feel like I am still dreaming now. I have been defending this club since the age of seven so you can imagine how much I want to reach the top level.”

“Even now I still have to pinch myself to realize where I am today,” he said.

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