The reason why Luis Figo betrayed Barcelona

Nobody denies the fact that Luis Figo is one of the great football legends, he is loved by Real Madrid fans. However, Figo is a great traitor to Barcelona fans, his figure will always be remembered with that title.

For information, Luis Figo has actually been a mainstay of barcelona, ​​a player who is worshiped by the Catalan giants. He joined in the summer of 1995, playing for five years in a Barca costume.

Before leaving in 2000, Luis Figo recorded 174 appearances and scored 30 goals in between. In his last years with the Catalan Giant, Figo was also trusted to be the captain of the first team.

However, the Barcelona fans were so disappointed and even furious when they saw the Captain actually left the rival club, Real Madrid in 2000 ago.

Since then, Figo has been dubbed the Great Traitor. There was even a pig’s head-throwing incident for Figo when the player came to Camp Nou as a Real Madrid player. Until now Barca fans still refer to him as a traitor.

Likewise with the Barcelona, who feel disappointed with the betrayal of the player. Figo’s name was dropped from the list of former club players, or considered never to defend Barcelona.

After two decades passed, Figo finally talked about his reasons for leaving to Real Madrid. He claimed to feel comfortable in Barcelona, ​​but his contribution was never considered by the club.

“It was an important decision that was difficult.”

“I left the city that has given me a lot of things and where I feel happy. However, when you feel you are not recognized for everything you have done and you get offers from other clubs, of course you will think about it.” Figo said quoted from Marca.

Together with his new club, Figo became a teammate of a number of great legends such as Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, and so on. Among them, Raul Gonzales is the best player who has ever been a partner of this Portuguese legend.

“Raul is the winner. Because of his mental strength he can achieve so many things throughout his career. He always knows what to do and how to move on the field, “he concluded.

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