The Nail-Biting World Cup Semi-Finals – Croatia Vs England

Croatia and England are finally at the semi-finals this FIFA World Cup 2018. Croatian fans are already celebrating since this moment has come after a long wait. The last FIFA and the one before that had not been so great, and such a feat has come at a time when it is most required.

This FIFA saw the big teams fizzle out soon enough and so fans of football are gladly accepting the new names and the countries like Belgium, and Croatia are winning hearts. The Croatia and England match on 11 July 2018 at Luzhniki Stadium.

The fans and bookmakers are in a frenzy taking sides and trying to weigh the teams and their probability of winning. On the other side, there is France taking over Belgium on 10th July 2018 at Saint Petersburg Stadium at another Semi-Finals match. The winner of this will get to meet the winning team of Croatia vs England match.

When it comes to the team, while the English team is as per Gareth Southgate’s standards, full of ‘character’ and that is already visible on the field. So far, in all the matches, the goals and the defense have changed the game and turned tables in the teams’ favor. English team too has not come up to the semi-finals for a long time and so they are trying every formula in the book to make sure they click this time.

Besides having a team comprised of young blood, there are also some well-known names like Ashley Young, Henderson, and Cahill. They are taking the responsibility and have so far demonstrated skill. If they try to bring in Marcus Rashford this time to face Croatian star midfielder, it might actually be a gain.

Croatia, on the other hand, is not taking anything lightly and the coach, Zlatko Dalic is keen to show some real skills of his leadership and his team’s style too. In their team, they have one of the best Midfielders, Luka Modric, who has been making some historical smashes lately.

But it will not be one easy journey to the finals for Croatia or England since, both France and Belgium are going to put in their best skills tonight. They will then carry forth double their skill on the Finals as well. So, whether it is Croatia winning the match or England, it will be just one penultimate victory before the actual victory dance.


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