The main role behind Hazard’s transfer move to Madrid is his wife

Real Madrid’s success hijacking Eden Hazard from Chelsea really rocked the world football squad, including from the London public, who did not expect finally left by their idol star. Interestingly here, it turns out that the figure of his wife, named Natasha van Honacker or also known as Natasha Hazard, has an important role in the transfer negotiation of her husband from London to Spain.

Obtained to have a say, Hazard is a figure who really loves his wife. Thus, everything Hazard always tries to involve his wife, including in the future
affairs of her football. Even more interesting, when many sources call Hazard so obedient to Natasha.

An example that can be proven is that when the Hazard transfer process takes place, the EL Real party first negotiates with his wife Hazard. Natasha is known as a beautiful, shy woman who doesn’t want to be highlighted much. He is a person who tries to feel his personal life, including the family, from the heat of media coverage.

However, Natasha is not really closed where she often gives beautiful moments of life with her small family, by sharing her hobby of cooking pizza to playing chess. Even though she seems busy of taking care the children, but Natasha still takes time to watch football to encourage Eden Hazard.

If we dissect deeper, Hazard and family often take time to get a moment of togetherness on a vacation. Hazard and Natasha first time met when they were 14 years old. Precisely in April 2012, they officially decided to continue their relationship to the level of marriage.

Hazard and Natasha’s first child was named Yannis Hazard in 2010, when Hazard was only 19 years old. Three years later, Leo Hazard was born. And their third kids named Samy, who was born in 2016. It’s like a perfect relationship, where the life Hazard family is far from gossips.

Now Hazard has officially become the asset of Real Madrid, this certainty embodies his dream from childhood, who wants to graze at the Santiago Bernabeu. The leak said that Natasha and her children would be brought to Madrid to settle in to live there, and Hazard himself had already bought a house that he would live in during his career in Spanish La Liga starting next season.

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