The main reason why Mike Tyson built a marijuana resorts in California

United States boxing legend, Mike Tyson really caused tremendous excitement. His desire to build a marijuana resort in the California region ended up with many sharp criticisms, although some also provided support.

It has been a viral moment throughout 2016, where that year was the year that Tyson decided to leave the world of boxing or ‘hang gloves’ as a professional athlete. Since then Tyson has tried to get to know the business world. Several times, Tyson founded a business that ultimately did not work.

Tyson also seems not to give up, although many gain and trials, because there is no big business. This latest Tyson brought back the idea of a successful business that surprised people. Many people judge this business as unique, where Tyson wants to build a business based on marijuana ingredients.

If we dissect more deeply, the business is full of controversy even though some countries legalize it. But Tyson remained at his founding and tried to realize his dream. It is known that Tyson has opened its first marijuana company in January 2018.

Interestingly here is Tyson’s attitude, which contributes a little from the marijuana business to social services and certainly helps people who are not able. Feeling profitable, Tyson also tried to develop the marijuana-based business.

Tyson, 52 years old, later publicly stated that he was ready to build a marijuana resort with an estimated area of 400 hectares. This concept will be realized in Desert Hot Springs, California. Not only plantations, Tyson also wants hotel facilities, venues for music festivals and even a university aimed at examining the benefits of cannabis use for human health.

Through his press conference, Tyson said several reasons for the crazy plan. Tyson claimed that building a marijuana resort was one of his efforts to help people. You could say that Tyson’s heart was right for this endeavor, because he saw marijuana as a substance that was quite useful for healing.

“Building a marijuana resort, I am sure there will be many people who feel helped,” said Tyson.

Stabbing deeper, support came to Tyson. Through Tyson’s business partners, Rob Hickman dares to say “It changed his life. Tyson is a perfect person. ”

The design of a marijuana resort by Tyson is a concept, where the target is also to welcome the growing marijuana tourism industry. It can be concluded if the guests who come can immediately smoke quite a lot anywhere in the location of the resort, but unless there are some prohibited parts including liquor sold, according to the law.

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