The ‘lucky’ Madrid young player is officially dating the world’s most beautiful actress

Achraf Hakimi is an official Real Madrid player who is currently undergoing a career at Dortmund as a loan player for one season. He is only 20 years old, but he is considered by many observers as one of Real Madrid’s future stars, because he has talent above the average of other young players.

His move to Dortmund was interesting for surgery. But here is not about the game, but the more interesting news is the Hakimi officially conquering the heart of the world’s most beautiful young actress, Hiba Abouk, where the actress is 12 years older than Hakimi.

Proof of this news can also be seen from the second social media account, where Hakimi and Hiba Abouk posted the inauguration of romance to the public. 32 years old, Hiba Abouk is a Spanish citizen of Tunisian descent.

The current Hiba Abouk profession is a big screen actress to a local TV series. The name Hiba Abouk himself became famous when playing Fatima on the most popular Spanish TV show “El Principe”. Hiba Abouk’s family record is known to have four siblings.

Luckily for Hakimi for getting this smart and sexy partner. Hiba Abouk’s intelligence is very visible because it can be of various kinds of languages, ranging from Spanish, Arabic, French, English, and Italian.

The more famous when the second film sold in the market, where the second film is “La isla de los nominados” on the TV channel Cuatro. Not enough with that, the name Hiba Abouk flew into the sky after successfully playing the famous movie Cheers Spain.

You could say that 2014 was the highlight of Hiba Abouk’s fame, where his name was chosen as one of the successful stars who played a role in the film El Principe, a criminal drama series watched by more than five million viewers, where Hiba Abouk was recorded as the core actor.

In the same year, Hiba Abouk was chosen as the world’s beauty queen through the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards brand. The public was happy and it was good for Hakimi that Hiba Abouk was very enthusiastic to call Hakimi the “man in my life” and ready to be a life partner forever after making sure he was dating.

Penulis: | 7 Februari 2019 | blog, wags