The love journey of Mohamed Salah and Magi

The figure of Mohamed Salah deserves to be an idol of Liverpool fans, thanks to his slick appearance two years ago Salah transformed as one of the figures who deserves appreciation for his performance. And this season, Salah’s big name has not faded, because he successfully defended the sensational character of Liverpool.

This season is a season that is not much different from last season, where Salah still became the top scorer of the English Premier League with Sadio Mane and Arsenal striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. Not only that, Salah also successfully drove Liverpool to the Champions League final.

In the final, Liverpool will face a fellow English team, Tottenham. The competition will be held on Sunday, 2 June 2019 at 02:00 WIB at Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid. And keep in mind, that Liverpool are still the seeded team.

Despite being a famous star in England and in Africa and even worldwide, in fact, no one knows so clearly about Mohamed Salah’s personal life. All this began to be revealed clearly when in the last game of the English Premier League between Liverpool and Wolves, there was a mysterious figure sitting next to Salah.

When the match ended between Liverpool vs Wolverhampton at Anfield, Salah’s wife and his daughter joined to the field. They also gave appreciation for the loyalty of Fans who have never stopped supporting Liverpool’s trip for one season.

Seen clearly from the photos on social media, Salah’s wife was seen wearing a purple hijab, and also wearing a white colored shirt combined with black. It is known that Salah’s wife is named Magi. These two matching couples formalized their relationship with marriage in 2013 in Salah’s hometown, Nagrid, Egypt.

No different from Salah, Magi is also known as a person who is closed about her personal life. But it is known if the figure of Salah’s lover has a job as a biotechnology expert. The couple’s romance journey was so interesting, where Magi turned out to be a school friend of Salah while in Basion, Gharbia.

A sweet bitter journey Magi with Salah is very visible, a career as a professional footballer. Salah’s career also up and down, where since moving to Chelsea, his figure has not been able to compete at the highest level and was forced to be loaned to Fiorentina.

Not enough with Fiorentina, Salah also moved to AS Roma and then he found his best game to be recruited by Liverpool. Now everything is getting better, togetherness with his family at Anfield became a special sight. What’s more with the presence of a beloved daughter named Makka, who is known to be so close to him.

In predictions, Magi will come to Madrid to watch her husband compete in the Champions League final later. Salah and his colleagues became the more favored team to be champions, as Tottenham’s defect will be the core players who claimed to be still constrained about injury.

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