The joy of Marcus Rashford after delivering MU win 9-0 over Soton

Manchester United managed to win an incredible 9-0 win over Southampton in the Premier League this morning. Even though he only scored goals, striker Marcus Rashford seemed so excited about the victory.

The match, titled Week 22 of the Premier League, took place on Wednesday morning WIB (03/02) at Old Trafford stadium. When the game had only been running for two minutes, Southampton had indeed experienced bad luck, one of their players received a red card from the referee.

Playing with just 10 people against a team like Manchester United is clearly not easy for Soton, especially since the match took place at the opponent’s headquarters. Sure enough, throughout the 45 first half minutes, the Red Devils successfully scored four goals without reply.

In the second half, Manchester United appeared even more crazy by scoring five additional goals. Meanwhile, Southampton seemed unable to move, where in the end the match ended with a 9-0 victory for the hosts.

After the match, striker Marcus Rashford, who scored one goal in the match, admitted that he was very happy with this big win. But, apart from that, the most important thing in his opinion is the three points.

“It’s always nice to score a lot of goals and these are the three points we need.”

“We lost a number of points in the last few games and we need to grab them again to get back on track, and today was a good opportunity to do so.” said Rashford quoted from the Manchester Evening News.

Furthermore, the young England striker insisted that Manchester United did not prepare special tactics for yesterday’s duel, they were just playing as usual and trying to keep scoring more goals.

“We just tried to play simple, keep moving. We could have stopped attacking and just had the ball, but we want to keep playing in the second half and score lots of goals,”

“The first half really had an effect on our rhythm. From there, when we came out of the half-time break, the rest was about keeping the mentality and a positive attitude. Also a matter of completing the game and scoring more goals,” continued Rashford.

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