The Decisive and Crucial Match of Japan vs Poland on June 28, 2018

A Group H match at the FIFA this year, which is going to be intense, is that of Japan vs Poland. Japan is currently on the top position thanks to their success in the hands or rather feet of talent like Keisuke Honda, the Midfielder, and other such players. The last match against Senegal was not really a success but at least the Japan team had sealed its position by the first half itself.

Makoto Hasibe and Shinji Kagawa are also the players who are making great waves in the team and the entire world is eagerly waiting for these two in the upcoming match against Poland.

Japan is to take on Poland on June 28 at the Volgograd Arena and the match is surely exciting for the fans from both the countries. Japanese team holds 61st position in the FIFA Ranking while Polish team holds the much better 8th rank.

But that said, the first match that Japan had in the Group stage with Colombia had it winning 2 goals against Colombia’s 1. This was a great start to the tournament. Likewise, the team scored great 2-2 and ended the match with a draw against Senegal. But that said, the team coach, Akira Nishino has high hopes of making the team turn round the luck soon and make it big even if it is in the group stage.

Poland is making a splash this year in the FIFA after a good 12 years and so they have to really make it work this match on Thursday. The coach Adam Nawalka has a few top scorers in the team and he is banking on the likes of Robert Lewandowski to help the team.

Poland would surely like to forget the match that happened at Kazan against Colombia since the opposition had beaten them at 0-3. This was a shocker for any team but, the fact is Polish team has a lot to look forward, and it will be only a matter of time before the team gets back in action.

The team is getting as much 33% chances of winning against Japan’s 37% and the chances of the match going for a draw is around 30%. This is indeed a delicate and extremely risky line for bettors to place their bets on either of the teams. Will Japan be carried away by its recent spree of success or will it make the history repeat?


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