The dark age of Immobile during Jurgen Klopp’s era

Jurgen Klopp now shine with Liverpool, as well as Ciro Immobile who looks good with Lazio. However, both of them turned out to have sunk deep in dark memories a few years ago at Borussia Dortmund.

Liverpool successfully grabbed the European Champions League trophy, European Super Cup and Club World Cup in 2019 yesterday. This season, they are still very convincing with the potential Premier League champions. If the league champions fail, Klopp, who is behind the scenes, still deserves to be praised.

While Ciro Immobile is a mainstay of Lazio at the moment, he helped the capital club move up to 2nd place in the Italian Serie A standings. He packed no less than 26 goals in 25 Italian Serie A matches this season.

The two figures who are on fire in 2020 have in fact experienced a dark period a few years ago. Precisely when they worked together at Borussia Dortmund.

Immobile has indeed costumed Borussia Dortmund, precisely in the 2014/15 campaign season. Unfortunately, his performance with Die Borussen is not like his appearance with Lazio this season. He was only able to help the club win the DFB Pokal title.

Interestingly, the familiarity between Klopp and Immobile continues to this day. In fact, the Liverpool coach had sent a birthday wish to the 30-year-old striker recently.

Immobile was pleased with the words of Klopp. He then relived the time with the German coach while at Borussia Dortmund which he considered quite gloomy.

“To Klopp, I’m happy to get congratulations from him. We met at the wrong time in my dark career in Dortmund. I hope he can cooperate with the real me, who I am today. Whatever it is, we still managed to give the DFB Pokal title, “said Immobile.

The former Torino player did not mind this, he also felt the same way when playing for Sevilla.

“I also had a difficult time at Sevilla, but apart from that, I think I am a sharp striker,” he said.

That way, it means that Italy has indeed become the best place for Ciro Immobile to show its sharpness.

Penulis: | 21 Februari 2020 | blog