The certainty of Lukaku’s transfer move to Inter will be known on Monday

The news of the latest 2019 summer transfer market can be guaranteed to be very surprising to many as news spread that Romelu Lukaku would soon belong to the new rich Italian Serie A team, Inter Milan.

This news cannot be separated from the action of Lukaku, who immediately made a flight to Belgium after taking a preseason tour with Manchester United. Investigated, Lukaku’s flight to Belgium wanted to complete his transfer to Inter Milan.

It was early in July, the Red Devils underwent a preseason tour starting from Australia and Asia to prepare themselves ahead of the upcoming new season 2019-2020. In his last match, successfully defeating Tottenham in Shanghai, Manchester United immediately departed for Europe.

Now they are back in Manchester and preparing to resume preseason schedules. According to some sources, when Manchester squad rested, it turned out that Lukaku did not participate and immediately ordered a flight to Belgium to meet his agent, Federico Pastorello.

Speaking about Pastorello, this one figure was seen in Italy a few days ago. It was continued that the agent was in Italy because he was taking care of Lukaku’s move to Inter Milan. The meeting that is entwined is quite tough and presents a personal agreement.

This agreement stressed to Inter to submit a new offer to Manchester United to want to release Lukaku. Here Inter are claimed to be confident enough to lock in the player’s transfer, and according to various sources that the success or failure of Inter regarding this transfer will be determined on Monday, July 29, 2019.

Despite participating in a Manchester United preseason tour, Lukaku did not get a chance to play in one minute as his condition is still hampered due to injury.

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