The celebration of the Brazilian WAGs trio in the Allianz Arena

Liverpool’s victory over Bayern Munich has caught the world’s attention, one of the facts revealed is that when the spirit of the players caught fire at the Allianz Arena, in the last 16 of Champions League second leg they were 0-0 on aggregate.

The fact reveals that one of Liverpool’s fortunes is because of the presence of the Brazilian trio of WAGs (wives and girlfriends) which are dedicated to supporting Liverpool in the Allianz Arena stands. Evidently, Liverpool played neatly and won with a score of 3-1 and ensure themselves stepping into the quarter-finals.

Investigated by the three beautiful and sexy WAGs, Rebeca Tavares, Larissa Pereira and Natalia Becker. Rebeca is the wife of Fabinho, while Larissa is Roberto Firmino’s life partner, and Natalia is Alisson’s wife.

Fabinho, Firmino and Alisson are known as players from Brazil. These three players became an important part of Jurgen Klopp’s troops when they beat Bayern Munich. The true signs were seen, where the three women departed together by plane to Munchen.

This proof can be seen with photos of these Brazilian trio on the plane appearing on social media. Do not want to miss, they were in the stadium stands. Their presence spelled out good luck as Liverpool managed to control the game and silenced the host camp.

Fabinho entered as a substitute in the first half in the 13th minute, the player managed to answer Jurgen Klopp’s confidence by turning off Robert Lewandowski’s movement. Alisson Becker himself managed to control his mentality to appear calm under the crossbar.

While Firmino appeared safe with a success troubling the Munich defense, before finally being pulled out in the 83rd minute to be replaced by Divock Origi. Overall, Fabinho, Alisson and Firmino played with high self-esteem with optimism.

The match ended, where the Brazilian WAGs trio did not want to miss the special moment by trying to capture it. Their way is also quite unique, where they take photos together with other colleagues at the Allianz Arena.

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