The best European teams (according to Sarri)

Maurizio Sarri has just issued a prediction about the best European team at the moment is Manchester City. This recognition is clearly in line with the recognition of other great coaches, who are more likely to name Barcelona or Real Madrid as the number 1 club at the moment.

Sarri’s recognition began viral when he was in preparation for the English Premier League big match between Manchester City vs. Chelsea. The super big English match will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at Etihad Stadium.

Like existing data, Manchester City are now at the top of the Premier League standings. While Chelsea as the Sarri team are ranked 4th with a considerable difference in points, where Manchester City won 62 points from 26 matches.

Prediction as the best European team at this time is indeed worth pinning to Manchester City. The record strengthens them by just losing 4 times, one of their losses can be obtained when they meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Despite having beaten Manchester City 2-0, Sarri did not want to be a big head. Where the former Napoli coach actually called Manchester City the best European club at the moment.

“At present, in my opinion, Manchester City are the best team in Europe. Guardiola is in his third season in the Premier League. We must try to reduce the gap with Manchester City,” said Sarri.

Chelsea’s victory is certainly very much expected in this super match, if Eden Hazard wins, they are left nine points behind Manchester City, with one match left.

Indeed flattery throws took place, where Guardiola also gave an opinion about Sarri at Chelsea calling the Italian coach to win the English League title. Even so, Sarri’s flattery was not answered by remaining humble.

“Right now, I don’t think so. We will be able to fight for the last four in this season. Not anymore, I guess. “We won something this season, of course we can, of course, but in the Premier League there is a fight between Liverpool and Manchester City,” Sarri said.

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