The Actor Who Plays The Kera Sakti Willingly Leaves His Career For The Sake Of His M

Do you still remember the television series Journey to The West or better known as “Kera Sakti”? Yes, the series was so popular in the 90s, where the figure of Dicky Cheung as the actor of the Kera Sakti character was truly iconic.

Through his hilarious and nosy acting as a Kera Sakti named Sun Wukong, it can be said that Dicky Cheung really managed to steal the hearts of the audience. In the series, it is told that a magic monkey has extraordinary abilities.

Dicky Cheung himself did not deny that the experience when playing the role of Kera Sakti really impressed him, especially since the series also managed to break the record for the number of viewers.

“This character means a lot to me. He carries a lot of memories. The first broadcast of Journey to the West on TVB broke many records, so it was the most rewarding and meaningful experience in my life,” said Dicky Cheung to IGN.

Unfortunately, after playing Kera Sakti in the Journey to The West Series, Dicky Cheung no longer plays that role due to contract problems with TVB.

After that, Cheung decided to go to Taiwan and have a career there, it’s just that he didn’t get an offer to play the film as expected. At that time, Dicky Cheung only played in a few films with relatively low pay.

After that he decided to go to Taiwan and have a career there. But unfortunately, his career did not improve and only got roles and films for cheap pay.

Now, Dicky Cheung has decided to return to his hometown in Hong Kong, leaving his career as an actor to take care of his mother who is old and has health problems.

In fact, Dicky Cheung was also willing to leave his wife who was in Beijing just to accompany his mother.

“Once Dicky leaves for Hong Kong, he can’t come back. The borders are closed. The quarantine is enforced. Dicky decides to stay there and take care of his mother who lives alone.”

“He didn’t want to leave his mother for too long and (luckily) Jess really understood,” said one of his close sources as quoted by Jayne Stars.

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