Tested positive for Covid-19, Lewis Hamilton will miss Sakhir GP

A surprising amount of news came from the continuation of the 2020 Formula 1 season. How could I not? Mercedes AMG mainstay racer and defending champion Lewis Hamilton was infected with the Coronavirus. As a result, the man from Great Britain was forced to miss the final GP.

The plan, GP Sakhir itself will take place on the weekend, to be precise from 4 to 6 December.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has locked the 2020 Formula 1 championship trophy since GO Turkey last week. In other words, his absence at the GP Sakhir weekend tomorrow will not have any impact on the rider.

However, the results will clearly affect how the overall racing results of Team Mercedes this season.

It is for this reason that the German manufacturer plans to bring in a replacement racer for Hamilton, who is certain to be absent at Sakhir.

For now, Mercedes is known to have Stoffel Vandoorne and Esteban Gutierrez as backup drivers, but Nico Hulkenberg is also likely to be dropped at Sakhir later.

In its official statement, Mercedes explained that Lewis Hamilton was caught in contact with someone who was positive for the Corona Virus, and finally the results of the second test showed that the world champion was indeed positive for Covid-19.

“He woke up on Monday (30/11/2020) morning with mild symptoms, and at the same time got information that before arriving in Bahrain, he had contact with someone who tested positive.”

“Lewis also underwent further tests and the results were positive. This result was confirmed by a second test. ” This is the official statement from Mercedes.

Currently, Lewis Hamilton is also undergoing a period of independent isolation for the next 10 days and will again conduct a covid test to see the results later.

However, Mercedes confirmed that the condition of their flagship racer is currently fine.

“Lewis is now undergoing self-isolation in accordance with Covid-19 protocol and public health authority regulations. Despite showing mild symptoms, he feels fit and fine, and all our team members wish him the best possible recovery.”

“We will announce plans for a replacement driver for this weekend in due time.” The official statement concluded.

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