‘Tante Pemersatu Bangsa’ admits receive many coffee dates from the upper class

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about netizens on social media related to ‘Aunty of Unifying a Nation’, as known as Ernie, or Aunty Ernie.

The nickname as ‘Aunty of Unifying a Nation’ or ‘Tante Pemersatu Bangsa’ is none other than the beautiful curves of her body, even though she is married with three children.

The sexy aura emitted by Aunty Ernie made netizens, become her followers on Instagram. Recorded until now, ‘Tante Pemersatu Bangsa’ has a number of more than 1 million followers.

That said, with that many followers, Aunty Ernie officially became a celebgram. However, she admitted that she didn’t expect it and since he had an Instagram account in 2017, there were no plans to become a student.

“There is no purpose to become a celebrity, it’s just a coincidence. Having one million followers is not planned at all, it just happens, “she said in an interview on Gufran Hilman’s Youtube Channel.

Furthermore, Aunty Ernie admitted that she was quite impressed with netizen’s creative comments on almost every post. But there are also those who write dirty comments.

“Indeed, I admit that netizens +62 are incredibly creative. I like to laugh at those who say there is a round but not determination. If sometimes it’s hardcore, dirty, there is no censor so I rather than noisy, I will directly block them,” said Ernie.

Not only that, there were even a number of artists, officials to musicians who sent direct messages or DM to her. However, this celebgram Aunty is reluctant to mention who the people she meant.

“Hmm I will not say the name, but usually people who have names whether it’s an artist, whether it’s a singer, whether it’s a band player, whether it’s an official, whether it’s a lawyer, whether it’s a photographer, who has checked blue,” she said.

Not a few of them invited Aunty Ernie to ‘Coffee Date’, but the person refused the offer.

“When invited, I always refuse in a good manner. The funny thing is that people who DM I’m not a single, whether married or have a boyfriend. I don’t want to do that, it makes things more complicated, “she said.

Penulis: | 20 Mei 2020 | blog