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Pochettino and Kane become Madrid’s next targets

European champion, Real Madrid, claimed to have prepared super large funds to be able to hook the two key figures for the success of Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane and Mauricio Pochettino in the transfer market next season. It has become hot news in this season, where EL Real experienced a downturn after being left behind…

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2 reasons why Hazard left Chelsea but joined Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard‘s performance in the past few months has been able to answer public doubts over his perceived decline. Recorded to date, Hazard is included as one of the best Premier League players and this season is also a strong candidate for the Premier League. Handled by Maurizio Sarri, Hazard looks aggressive. So far, Hazard…

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Real Madrid ready to release Gareth Bale

A hot news just came out, The European Champion team, Real Madrid claimed to be ready to release its mega star, Gareth Bale in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. However, for interested clubs must prepare super large funds, because the EL Real only want to release Bale with a 150 million Euro. Bale became…

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