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Can Costa Rica Do The Unexpected Against Brazil?

Brazil is touted to be the next FIFA world cup champion. They are expected to proceed from their Group E to the succeeding stages. Costa Rica were the ones who gave a shocker in the previous world cup, defeating England, Uruguay and Italy. They were in the final eight and can they weave a similar…

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The Odds In Favor Of Costa Rica In The Match Against Serbia

Costa Rica and Serbia would try to knock out each other on June 17, 2018. Group E participants will meet at the Samara Arena and looks like it will be a tough match for both. Costa Rica had reached final 8 in the 2014 World Cup. They would be glad to do the same again…

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Can Costa Rica Repeat Their Performance Of FIFA World Cup 2014?

Every football lover would recall that the Costa Rica team surprised everyone in reaching the quarterfinals in the FIFA world cup 2014. Probably, therefore, can we expect a repeat performance at the FIFA World Cup 2018? Whether the efforts of a new coach Oscar Ramirez who has taken over will be fruitful? We need to…

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