Suzuki considered as a strong competitor in 2020 MotoGP

In this 2020 season campaign, Suzuki has not won a single series until now, even so Joan Mir is confident that the Japanese manufacturer is one of the winning candidates.

For information, the 2020 MotoGP season has so far taken place in five series. During the five series, they only managed to climb the podium, to be precise in the Austrian series, where Joan Mir as the mainstay rider managed to finish as the second fastest.

However, the 23-year-old racer failed to reach the finish in the first and third series. Fortunately, he was always able to finish in the top five in the Andalusian and Styria series.

In the Red Bull Ring series yesterday, Joan Mir had led the race, unfortunately his position was disturbed by the Morbidelli-Zarco incident which forced the race to be stopped.

In the provisional standings, Joan Mir is now in 8th place by collecting 44 points or 26 points behind the standings winner, Fabio Quartararo.

Although there is quite a distance, but with 9 Series remaining this season, Joan Mir believes in Suzuki’s opportunity.

“We have a great ride. If we fight for victory here in Austria with Suzuki with a horsepower far below the other bikes, it means we have a great bike, a bike that is well balanced.”

“I’m proud of my team, proud of Suzuki. Of course, Suzuki is a contender for the world title.” said Mir quoted by Tuttomotoriweb.

The same thing was said by Alex Rins, he was quite happy to see Suzuki’s development so far. He also regretted the failure of Joan Mir to be the fastest because the race was stopped in the fourth series in Austria yesterday.

“Yes, I must be happy because Suzuki took a big step in Austria. Certainly unlucky, because Joan could have won her first race, but because of the red flag she failed.”

“But the speed is there, I was also unlucky in the second race after the restart. But we should be happy enough,” finished Alex Rins about Suzuki’s performance.

Penulis: | 4 September 2020 | blog