Super high salary, no one wants Keylor Navas?

The desire of Real Madrid to complete the period of their collaboration with Keylor Navas must be a major obstacle. Mentioned by a trusted source, Madrid was constrained by the problem of the goalkeeper’s salary scale which made interested ones reluctant to negotiate.

Until this moment, there has been no interest from outside clubs who want to tie Keylor Navas. As has been leaked, the name of the goalkeeper from the American continent is not included in Madrid’s big plans next season. It was claimed that the Madrid had given the green light to the departure of Keylor Navas.

Madrid are known to have had the figure of Thibaut Courtois as the main goalkeeper. While in the third goalkeeper arrangement there is the name of Luca Zidane which is more prioritized. But unfortunately, until now there has been no positive signal of the opportunity for the departure of Keylor Navas from Santiago Bernebau.

This situation is clearly constrained due to the problem of the standard size of Keylor Navas’ salary. At present, Keylor Navas gets a salary of 7 million Euros for one work season. If rounded up for one season he will get fresh funds of IDR 112 billion.

Knowing the salary amount received by Keylor Navas, it was mentioned that several clubs had resigned and claimed they were unable to realize the salary. The most audible is the stronghold of Naples, which recently declared a retreat because it felt difficult to meet the needs of the goalkeeper.

Opportunities as big as they still are, where two big European clubs like Manchester United are claimed to make Keylor Navas as the first choice option if David de Gea migrated or did not sign a contract extension.

Second is Paris Saint Germain who will be left behind by Gianluigi Buffon, where the Italian national team’s lagenda refused to extend his contract for another season in French Ligue 1. As for that, it opens opportunities for Keylor Navas to be included in PSG’s plans next season.

With experience helping Real Madrid win the Champions League three times, it is quite possible that Keylor Navas can provide a positive aura in PSG‘s great plans in the future.

Penulis: | 16 Juni 2019 | blog