Sturridge ‘lying’ for didn’t pay reward!

Daniel Sturridge became a viral figure in various media because of his video of requesting help to find his lost dog. Luckily for him, because he had reunited again with his pets.

This rare moment begins with a theft that occurred at his home on Monday, July 8, 2019 British time. Using social media, Sturridge has a variety of bad moments where his house is falling apart after being burglarized.

One thing that caught the world’s attention was the matter of where the dog was lost. In his post, Sturridge sincerely asked the thief to immediately repatriate his beloved animal.

Sturridge showed his great love for his pets. This he proved by giving a sizeable reward to anyone who could find his dog alive.

“Look, someone broke into the house in LA, took my dog from home. Look, who knows the person who entered my house, I will pay you anything. I am very serious, “Sturridge said in the video link of his Instagram.

This video directly responds to many users and success becomes viral. This is great because Sturridge dares to give rewards. According to a trusted source, Sturridge is ready to give a prize of 30 thousand Pounds (around IDR 500 million) if someone succeeds in finding the dog.

Luckily for Sturridge because in the next two days, the dog was found. Sturridge announced the happy news through a video uploaded to Instagram social media which until now has not been known how the dog could return.

“I don’t believe it. I want to thank anyone on social media for helping us and raising awareness. I am very grateful, “concluded Sturridge.

Sturridge A Liar?

Sturridge’s viral video for asking help then filters out many comments, and what’s interesting here is that the content of the comments is more that the former Liverpool player is a liar who breaks his promise.

It is known that Sturridge’s favorite dog was found by the owner of a Twitter account named @KILLAFAME. Before going any further, basically you have to go back to who @KILLAFAME claimed to be Sturridge’s promise in the video, and in fact Sturridge didn’t keep his promise.

“Since @DanielSturridge’s dog was found by someone who was black … he did not deserve the prize offered!” Wrote @ KILLAFAME, who claimed to be on Twitter as a Trap musician in Los Angeles.

It didn’t last long, the writing disappeared so quickly when the claim called the owner of the account talking to Sturridge via a short message. Interestingly here when the atmosphere gets hotter when he claims he actually gets a strong response from Sturridge.

It is not yet known for certain whether Sturridge gave the prize money that was promised to the inventor when he gave the video of Lucci’s return. In the video, Sturridge only shows a happy expression that Lucci has returned.

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