Sturridge charged IDR 1.3 billion fine for breaching gambling rules

Former Liverpool player, Daniel Sturridge is currently still unemployed because no club has been interested in extending his services in the 2019 summer transfer market. Interestingly here, when the bad times continue to haunt his career, it turns out Sturridge must accept the reality by being banned from playing sanctions.

According to various reliable sources, the punishment came out after finding clear evidence that Sturridge was involved in soccer gambling. Now the record of his career must be stalled for a moment, and a bad experience playing with Liverpool must be a shadow of the shot.

In the 2018-2019 season, Sturridge was not included in Jurgen Klopp’s grand scheme. Although Liverpool successfully won the Champions League title, but he could only record a total of playing twice and only able to score three goals.

Liverpool’s career ended on June 30, 2019. And Liverpool did not give a new contract to Sturridge which finally had the status of free transfer. All the more real when Sturridge get sanctions that have certainly lowered the burden as a free transfer player.

This sanction did not give birth to a play ban, where Sturridge was also fined a fee of 75,000 Euros or was in the range of IDR 1.3 billion which is known to be a fine based on evidence that Sturridge was involved in gambling.

According to the statement of the authorities, Sturridge violated at least 11 charges for gambling cases. But only two valid proofs that Sturridge was involved, and one of them in the name of himself in the bet.

In this system, Sturridge asks for help from his brother, Leon, to place bets on his transfers. Here, Leon gets a request from Sturridge to place a bet Sturridge will move to Sevilla, and Sturridge finally does not go to the Spanish La Liga club.

Sturridge’s role here is to regulate the matter of justification, where he himself already knows he will move to West Brom in January 2018. Where at that time Sturridge received attention from West Brom and Inter Milan.

Apart from gambling cases, Sturridge had also shocked the public after claiming to lose his dog, Lucci. The news was outrageous because Sturridge made a promise of giving big rewards if he could find Lucci for free in the form of a prize of 30 thousand Pounds.

The more hot here when Sturridge never gave a gift to the inventor who did not want to know his name. So far, Sturridge has received more criticism than praise.

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