Strong in MotoGP race, Vinales turns out to be afraid of street racing

The Monster Energy Yamaha Team rider, Maverick Vinales, may go as fast as 350km per hour along with his ride on the MotoGP racing circuit, but who would have thought that the man from Spain would be afraid of speeding when riding his motorcycle on public roads.

Actually, it’s not just Vinales who feels this way, there are several MotoGP riders who feel the same way, including Jorge Lorenzo.

In fact, the former Honda rider admitted that he preferred to ride a car instead of having to ride a motorbike when going somewhere.

Vinales himself considered that riding a motorbike on public roads, especially traveling at high speed, would be far more dangerous.

“I’ve never ridden a motorcycle on the road. I think it’s dangerous. When I see motorbikes passing by the car, I say, ‘This is worse than a race!'”

“I have ridden a motorbike on the street once, when I was 14, but never again,” he was quoted as saying by Marca.

Even so, Vinales admitted that he had tried to get people interested by riding a motorcycle on the streets, but what he did was he had bad luck.

“I once tried to ride a motorcycle on the street to make a girl happy, but I fell. Then I just ran away.”

“I also damaged my cousin’s motorbike. At that time I only wore sandals and a swimsuit, ” closed the 2013 Moto3 world champion.

Vinales himself had become a concern regarding the incident at the Styria GP some time ago.

At that time, the person concerned seemed to have deliberately dropped himself, even though the motorbike was traveling at a speed of 250 km per hour.

However, Vinales explained that if he did not dare to fall, the risk encountered could be heavier because he could hit the dividing wall of the track.

“I saw my life passing slowly. I fell down without thinking. I also said to myself, ‘How can I make me no longer suffer this way?’ I was able to get up, but of course I was afraid, “he concluded.

Penulis: | 23 September 2020 | blog