Sterling doesn’t agree with the idea of Premier League to be held in the near future

The idea of ​​rolling the English Premier League again in the near future has been rejected by a number of players. One of them is Manchester City’s flagship winger, Raheem Sterling.

As is known, the English Premier League is prohibited from rolling again, because of the coronavirus pandemic, at least until June 1, 2020. But the relevant authorities still have not surrendered, they are believed to open up the possibility of the league being held again starting next June 12.

Obviously, if this plan runs smoothly, the remaining 9 matches will be held without spectators and must go through strict protocols. However, not all players then agree with this discourse.

Raheem Sterling did not agree, because according to him, it was not appropriate if the competition continued, while the pandemic still had not subsided.

“When we return, it must be a moment where football is not the only reason, but security for us footballers and also all medical staff and referees,”

“I don’t know how this will work, but I feel that once the security side of the people and the safety and welfare of the players is maintained, then that’s the right time to come back,” Sterling said in his Youtube channel.

Not only Sterling, previously there was also Sergio Aguero, who had voiced a similar opinion. In fact, the Argentine player claims that Premier League players are afraid to play again because of the potential to bring the virus to their families at home.

“The majority of players are afraid because they have a family; they have children, babies, parents,” he said some time ago to El Chiringuito.

It is believed, the Premier League was inspired by the German Bundesliga. As is known, the German top flight competition will indeed be rolled out again starting May 16.

In fact, the number of cases and deaths due to coronavirus in the UK is still at an alarming stage. There are a total of 233 thousand Covid-19 cases, even the death toll alone has reached more than 32 thousand people.

What is clear, before the league was suspended, Manchester City was still in second position. They are 25 points behind Liverpool at the top. While this season’s campaign leaves only 9 matches.

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