Stefano Sensi’s target: winning the UEFA Champion League with Inter Milan

Although still far from the reach of Inter Milan, midfielder Stefano Sensi did not hesitate to set a high target, where he wants to win the European Champions League with the Nerazzurri.

Stefano Sensi docked at the San Siro last summer. The Italian midfielder played three times in the European Champions League with Nerazzuuri. However, Inter Milan’s steps are not so far away, they are lying in the group stage.

Inter Milan only managed to finish in 3rd place in the final standings of Group F, where they are joined by Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund and Slavia Prague. With these results, Inter could not advance to the last 16 and must continue their work on the Europa League stage.

Even so, that fact did not necessarily dampen the determination and ambition of a Stefano Sensi. He set high targets in his career, including winning the European Champions League with Inter Milan and becoming world champion along with the Italian National team.

Would I rather win the Champions League or World Cup? If I can choose both, of course I will. Champions League with Inter and the World Cup with the national team,”

“As far as I know, I am happy to have reached this far but I have never lacked ambition, so I want to work hard and do more to improve myself,” Sensi said as quoted by Semper Inter.

As a young midfielder, Stefano Sensi claimed to be inspired by some legendary midfielder figures. However, among these figures, Xavi Hernandez is his idol.

“My favorite midfield consists of Pirlo, Iniesta and Xavi. Xavi has always been my idol, while Iniesta and Pirlo are also two unreal midfielders,” he continued.

In his debut season at the European Champions League, the 25-year-old had faced Barcelona in two group stage meetings. Even though he lost, Sensi still saw it as a valuable experience.

“It’s nice to also play against Barcelona, ​​coming from smaller teams to playing at Camp Nou extraordinary, I used to follow Barcelona so it was very interesting,” concluded Sensi.

Penulis: | 9 April 2020 | blog