Splashy Italian public, Nedved has affair with a 23-year-old girl!

Hot news is being viral by the Italian media, the public there feels that the affair shown by the vice president of Juventus, Pavel Nedved, is unusual or different from the usual habits of Europeans. As a result of this case, claims say if Nedved will divorce soon.

This case began when Italian news yesterday morning, mentioned if the Czech Republic football legend had an affair with a young girl, who is 23 years old. If dissected deeper, then the age of the girl is same as the age of Nedved’s first child.

The aura of Nedved is known as a good man, and far from hot gossip. During building a household with Ivana for 25 years, the two couples had almost no bad news let alone the case of an affair.

Now the status is increasingly collapsing, Ivana and Nedved are being rumored to divorce. The cause of Nedved’s divorce from Ivana was because of another ideal woman named, Lucie Anovcikova. More deeply revealed, if Nedved who is now 47 years old, is a figure who loves young girl.

The age difference between this couple is very interesting to discuss, moreover in the Czech Republic both became hot news. All this hot news came out when the camera caught Nedved with Lucie at the London 2019 Longines Global Champions Tour event.

Caught on camera several times, if Nedved and Lucie were making out. If dissecting further and referring this case to Juventus, then the name of Nedved adds to the long list of officials or players who are having affairs on Juventus. Before this hot news appeared, there was news that President Andrea Agnelli and ex-captain Gianluigi Buffon were found out ‘sharing their hearts’ with other women and ended up with divorce.

Penulis: | 12 Agustus 2019 | wags