Splashy appearance of Coronavirus form, fact or hoax?

An image circulating on social media is claimed to be the appearance of the Coronavirus that has been endemic in recent months. So, is the picture real or hoax?

As is well known, the Coronavirus pandemic is indeed very worrying about the world community. How come? In total until this news was revealed, there were more than 77 thousand people, who died as a result of the outbreak.

Indeed, quite a lot of cases have been completed because the patient is completely cured, but it should also be remembered that the vaccine for this virus has not been found. This makes the spread of the virus continues today. In total, there are 117 cases in Indonesia alone.

Then, this crisis condition is trying to be used by a number of parties to spread the news, whether true or not, about the Corona virus. The latest, circulating image on social media that is claimed is the appearance or the original form of this virus.

In the picture, animals look like squirrels, but with a long snout. Claimed to be a Corona appearance after being enlarged to 2,600 times.

“It is said that the corona image was captured on camera and zoomed in or 2600x enlarged and the results are as below. May Allah protect us all amen, “wrote one Facebook user who also shared the picture.

But after tracing, it turns out that the image claimed to be the appearance of Corona Virus was not true. In fact, a similar picture was also shared by the Twitter account @ Helios_en, precisely on February 26, 2020.

It is true that when there was already news about Corona Virus, it was even quite a scene. But certainly it is not an image of the Corona virus. In the photo caption, written that the animal is a weevils beetle.

“These insects are small in size, less than 6 millimeters (4 inches) and herbivorous. His favorite foods include flour, oats, barley, and breakfast cereals, “Helios wrote.

Please note that there is absolutely no connection between the Weevils beetle and the Coronavirus. Or in other words, the circulating image information is certain to be a hoax.

Penulis: | 17 Maret 2020 | blog