Spainish La Liga won’t be the same without Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Real Madrid is considered not to affect the Spanish La Liga as a whole. However, something different will be felt if Lionel Messi later leaves Barcelona to move to another country.

As is well known, Messi and Ronaldo have both been icons of the Spanish La Liga. Even more interestingly, the two players defended the opposite camp, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The rivalry between the two seems to give birth to individual rivalries that exceed the prestige of El Clasico as one of the big icons of La Liga so far. Unfortunately, Cristiano Ronaldo ended this rivalry by choosing to leave for Juventus in 2018.

Meanwhile, Messi stayed at Barcelona, ​​but he did come close to leaving the Camp Nou last summer. Fortunately, Barcelona managed to defend the superstar.

Even so, Lionel Messi still has the opportunity to leave because his contract at Barca will end in the summer of 2021 and there is no new contract agreement yet.

Apart from that, the former coach of the Indonesian national team from Spain, Luis Milla, admits that he is still happy to see Messi finally survive in the Spanish La Liga.

“I think it’s good for Spanish football that Messi stays. He is an ambitious player and wants to win many titles. It didn’t happen to him last season ”

“On top of that, he is not well connected with the sporting director and there is no good feeling with the director & president in general. Also, there was tension regarding the change of managers during the last season too, “Milla exclaimed on Tribal Football.

Furthermore, Milla thinks La Liga will not change even though Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid. But if Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​then La Liga will be different.

“Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo has left La Liga and life goes on and Messi can go in the future and life will continue in La Liga too … with other great players …”

“But a player like Messi cannot be replaced. They are a rare type of player, a player who only appears once. Yes, La Liga will survive without Messi but it will not be the same. I am happy he stays,” said Milla.

Penulis: | 17 November 2020 | blog