Southgate responds to Harry Maguire’s poor performance

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire appeared chaotic in the match against the Danish national team at dawn WIB (15/10). The 27-year-old player was sent off after just 31 minutes.

Maguire did appear from the first minute of the match titled the UEFA Nations League. The match at Wembley itself ended tragically for England, where they were beaten 0-1 by Denmark’s final score.

The only goal in the match was scored by Christian Eriksen, who was a former Tottenham Hotspur player.

This defeat is clearly a bad record for the Three Lions squad, considering this is the first time they have lost at Wembley in the last 50 matches.

But no less so in the spotlight in this match was Defender Harry Maguire. Manchester United players performed badly, got two yellow cards in the 5th minute and the 31st minute, as a result he had to leave the match.

“I think the first yellow card is an unnecessary foul,” said Southgate after the match as quoted by BT Sport.

Overall, it can be said that the former Leicester City player’s performance is indeed bad. It might even be said that his red card led to the defeat of the British National Team.

Gareth Southgate was clearly disappointed with Maguire’s performance, however, the tactician continued to provide his support for the Manchester United man.

“For me, he’s a top player. He’s a big part of what we do. He’s had a period where he’s got a lot of punishments,”

“Harry Maguire is mature enough to deal with it, he will overcome this, he will be stronger for it. He has our full support and I know the club is too,” said Southgate.

In fact, Harry Maguire is also in the spotlight at club level, where his form with Manchester United has looked poor since the start of this season.

Apart from that, he also had a lot of problems during the pre-season session. No wonder many parties, including a series of Manchester United legends, have suggested that the Red Devils recruit a reliable defender who deserves to be the main pillar at the back.

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