Southgate coached the England national team, because no club wanted to hire him

The legend of Manchester United and France, Eric Cantona, voiced some controversial comments again. After criticized Jose Mourinho, it is now the turn of the England National Team coach, Gareth Southgate, who is insinuated. Cantona assessed the fact that Southgate handled the England National Team because no club wanted to hire him.

As is known, Gareth Southgate has indeed been trusted by the FA to become coach of the British National Team since 2017 ago, replacing Sam Allardyce who was kicked out because of a horrendous scandal at the time. That said, Southgate did its job quite well as the coach of The Three Lions, by sending Harry Kane to reach the 2018 World Cup semifinal round.

However, it looks like Southgate’s quality is still relatively ordinary in the eyes of Manchester United’s legend, Eric Cantona. In fact, he claimed that Southgate was in charge of the England National Team, because he was not sold at the club level.

“The best manager is certainly with the best club, not with the national team. That’s the reality. At the World Cup, Spain coach [Julen Lopetegui] was offered a job by Madrid, he took it, even though he could no longer be with Spain, which is one of the favorites to win the World Cup. He prefers to train Madrid rather than Spain.”

“Why? Because the best clubs are those that the best coach wants. Look at England, I like Southgate, but what did he do before as a manager? He is the manager of Middlesbrough. What did he win? Nothing. How come the UK have it as a coach? Because he is the only one who is not in the big club. I said it was to him. National Team’s coaches are there, because they are not wanted by the club,” told him to the Daily Mail.

This is not the first time for the French legend to say his controversial comments. He also criticized Mourinho, saying that the Manchester United coach was not The Special One, but Pep Guardiola.


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