Son arrested by police, netizens ‘attacked’ Rhoma Irama’s Instagram account

The shocking news came from Indonesia’s entertainment stage, this time from Ridho Rhoma, who was arrested for the second time by the authorities for a drug case. Interestingly, hearing this news, Warganet immediately attacked Rhoma Irama’s Instagram account.

Yes, netizens have flocked to comment on Rhoma Irama’s posts on Instagram. Most of them criticized the King of Dangdut for not being able to take care of his own children, even though he likes to lecture and advise others.

“Advising others is easy but advising one’s own family is difficult,” said the fitri **** account.
“Poor son,” commented the feli **** account.
“Ouch your child like haji, why else is he?” ask the supri ***** account.

And there are many other comments written by Netizens, even until finally the Rhoma Irama Instagram account holder changed the privacy of comments to be limited.

As for the re-arrest of Ridho Rhoma regarding the abuse of Narcotics, the family has not given any clarifications, because they have just heard the news.

“Not yet (heard about Ridho Rhoma’s arrest). I just found out from Mbak. I’ll try to crosscheck first,” said Bimo, who is someone in Rhoma Irama’s management.

What is clear is that this is the second time the singer of the song “Kerinduan” has been arrested by the authorities. In the past, on March 25, 2017, he was also arrested for a similar case, at which time Rhoma Irama as his father continued to provide support.

In fact, the King of Dangdut also always took the time to come to court. At that time, Ridho Rhoma was serving 10 months in prison and rehabilitation at RSKO for 6 months and 10 days.

After approximately four years had passed, Ridho Rhoma was again arrested for a similar case by the Narcotics Unit of the Tanjung Priok Port Police, North Jakarta.

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus said that what can be said is that Ridho Rhoma has tested positive for Amphetamine and there is also evidence in the form of ecstasy pills.

“That’s right, positive for amphetamine. (Evidence) ecstasy,” said Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus.

The Tanjung Priok Port Police also plans to hold a Press Conference today, Monday, February 8, 2021 regarding the arrest of Ridho Rhoma.

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