Solskjaer believes star players will still join MU

Manchester United have struggled in the hunt for titles over the past few seasons. The lack of opportunities to grab the trophy also made a number of the world’s top players such as unwillingly docked at Old Trafford. But coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes, with its name and great history, the Red Devils can still attract the hearts of European star players.

The January 2020 winter transfer market will open in just a few weeks, of course this is the right time for any team including Manchester United to add to their ammunition, in order to achieve the best results in the second half of the season. As Goal reported, Erling Haaland was on the Red Devils radar.

Not only that, Jadon Sancho who performed brilliantly together with Borussia Dortmund is also believed to be the target of the club based in old Trafford. But seeing United currently in fifth place in the Premier League and uncertain of returning to the Champions League, many assume they will find it difficult to get priority targets.

Some transfer agents star players still doubt the capacity and quality of Manchester United, seeing how their track record after the death of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 ago. Indeed, since then United have always struggled to compete in the title race. Let alone winning the Premier League title, they are even difficult to penetrate the last four of the Premier League final standings.

Not surprisingly, there is no guarantee of playing in the European Champions League and a prestigious trophy guarantee to make the Red Devils appear to fade, so that star players are reluctant or think repeatedly to move closer to Old Trafford. But, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes that with the club’s big name and big history, star players are still interested in being part of the Theater of Dreams.

“You say agent, but I’m sure the players want to be here. I don’t talk to many agents. Man United is the biggest and best club in the world and I’m sure there are so many players who want to be a part of rebuilding Man United. We want to play the type of football and be enjoyed by fans and players, “he told reporters ahead of the Europa League against AZ.

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